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Sharm El Sheikh submarine trip is a wonderful excursion during which you will learn about the underwater world. This is especially great for those who have children and cannot take them diving in the open sea.

You can, of course, see similar landscapes when diving but many people cannot swim for various reasons.

For example, Fear and Health It is worth visiting this tour at least once especially for those people. Also, the boat sails from the beach to Ras Mohammed. During this period, you can enjoy the stunning natural scenery and the beaches of Sharm El Sheikh.

Available appointments are determined, especially in the summer season, at (9:00–10:30–14:30–15:30). After prior booking with the operator.

Also, the price of the trip includes transportation, where a representative will take you from the hotel to the port, and it consists of two floors.

The upper deck is open and has several rows of round chairs to sit and watch the beauty of the Red Sea waters until the ship reaches the right place.

After that, all passengers are asked to go down the stairs to the lower deck, from the boat which has comfortable seats with huge panoramic windows from which to view the underwater world.

Such as, fish, coral reefs, and colorful and different shaped plants. Beautiful diverse nature, many interesting species and it will be very interesting to see all this for all visitors.

Submarine tour to Ras Mohammed:
The opportunity to take a submarine tour, see the landscape, and have a look at the bottom of the Red Sea. This trip is more suitable for children and people who are afraid to dive into the sea. And of course the opportunity to take amazing photos.

All sea excursions are of interest to many, especially with the Sharm El Sheikh submarine, through which you will discover the wonderful exciting underwater world.

The marine fauna of the Red Sea is very rich. Especially in Ras Mohammed Reserve, which is generally famous for its rare species of fish and healthy coral reefs.

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